Overland Liquors

The Overland Liquors Warehouse originated as a SAB depot situated on the Klerksdorp Fresh Produce Market, which over the past fifteen years has grown to be the largest Liquor Warehouse in the North West, Free State and Northern Cape.

The Overland Liquor Warehouse now forms part of the Franchise and trades as a normal Franchisee within the Franchise concept. It became clear to the directors of the Company that suppliers do not concentrate on independents or give the independents the necessary time and attention which they deserve and through the method of franchising they join forces and the suppliers then make extra effort to support same Franchise groups. With the concept of the Overland Liquors Franchise it will enable the smaller business to compete with their competitors and with the right management and dedications become the major Liquor Store within their area. Suppliers regulary support and identify groups because they feel their risk is lower by dealing with recognized groups.

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